hello summer…
hello turning fifteen!

Finally, Natalie’s turned fifteen. She’s officially a grown-up (just tell her mother that) and ready for anything. School is out, and she and her best friend Sasha are going to be practicing with their dance team all summer.

Dancing is Natalie’s passion — it’s what got her through the break-up of her parents’ marriage, and her father’s move halfway across the country. Now she needs it more than ever as she tries to navigate the unpredictable world of older boys — specifically Kevin, Sasha’s older brother — and learn the difference between love and lust.

When her friendship with Sasha goes on the rocks, her relationship with Kevin goes too far, and her mother reveals a shocking truth, Natalie finds strength in her dancing. Will it be enough? And what will happen when a new teacher introduces her to the world of modern dance—will she find the confidence to take it on?

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