Cover Art

So apparently Gone Wild has two totally different covers! The one on the left seems to be for the US/UK audience and the one on the right for the Canadian one.

Gone Wild for website




Which one do you prefer?






“Lundgren explores on a profound level the ability of the universe to bring into our lives the people we need most to help us go on. […] Set against the backdrop of the Juan de Fuca Marine Trail, Gone Wild moves with the natural suspense involved in outdoor trekking.[…] Similar in theme to Cheryl Strayed’s Wild, Lundgren brings to a teen audience a quickly paced story about the restorative power of nature, and the capacity for solitude and connection to prove clarity.”

Read the rest of the Review from the National Reading Campaign!

“Gone Wild by Jodi Lundgren is a compelling read…”

Read the rest of the review by Mary Anne Yarde

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