Tardy in Teal, the Chapbook!

Brandi May and I are excited to launch Tardy in Teal, our collaborative chapbook of whimsical images, poetry and prose, now available courtesy of Etsy! Click on the cover to make it bigger and to “look inside.”

https://www.etsy.com/assets/js/etsy_mini_shop.jsnew Etsy.Mini(10841121,'gallery',1,1,0,'https://www.etsy.com');

These handmade books were a labour of love: building them at first took 15 hours per book! We have now streamlined production to a mere 2 hours per book. Although the $25.00 price tag seems steep, it covers materials only. And for local buyers, we’d be glad to figure out a creative end-run around the shipping costs. (Caffe Fantastico, anyone?)

In other news, we are eagerly anticipating the release of the third issue of text lit mag, a spunky new start-up magazine which contains our collaboration “Combustible” and can soon be found free online or in Nanaimo-area coffee shops. (A perfect excuse for a road trip, I say!) You can sneak a peak at the colour version of the “Combustible” collage in the Etsy preview.

Finally, Brandi and I are hoping to make an appearance later this week at the Look Show. This year the Victoria Writers Society is teaming up with the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria with evenings of literary readings, art viewing, and music playing. “Looks” to be a stimulating event ripe with cross-genre fertilization!

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